Online Cairo Bootcamp

January, 2023

StarkCon brings an exclusive live online bootcamp for anyone who wants to learn Cairo and start building on StarkNet (zkRollups of StarkWare).


What will be covered in the bootcamp?

The goal of this bootcamp is to make you a kick-ass Cairo developer. This being a zero-to-hero bootcamp, there will be a live hands-on dApp that you will build yourself along with the instructor.

Cairo Playground

Why learn Cairo?


Cairo dApps can use proof-based L2 scalability solutions to resolve scalability issues that exist with other solutions


Before Cairo, it was challenging to develop a proof system that addresses a particular business logic. Much simpler for developers to execute.


With Cairo, gas fees are indirectly proportional to the number of transactions you make unlike L1 based solutions. Cheaper and more accessible.

Account Abstraction

YES! This is possible in Cairo, which enhances the true user experience in web3.

Know more about the Bootcamp:
What is Cairo?
Cairo is a language invented by StarkWare, which was founded in 2018 to scale Ethereum using STARK proofs.
Who is this cairo bootcamp for?
Everyone and anyone can join this live bootcamp. Web2 developers, Web3 developers who use Rust or Solidity to build on Layer 1 and even students who know nothing about blockchain, we will help you get started.
Any prerequisites to attend the bootcamp?
We have structured this bootcamp to be a zero-to-hero bootcamp in Cairo. This means you will be project ready by the end of the bootcamp.
What is the schedule for classes?
Keeping everything in mind, we have chosen weekends for the live classes making it manageable for everyone.
Why join the bootcamp?
We will offer a chance to get placed. Many projects from the StarkNet ecosystem will join us as a hiring partner, which will keep you kick start your Web3 journey.

That’s not it, there is swag box and certificates for those who complete the bootcamp.
Who will take the classes?
We have collaborated with StarkWare, and some of the leading projects in the StarkNet ecosystem to take these classes for you.

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